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Animal Credentials

Animal Credentials | Communication & Healing

Animals have always played a pivotal role in helping me lead a full and balanced life. In addition to enjoying my own animals, I’ve held positions as a barn manager, horse trainer, riding instructor, and dog walker. During my five-year employment for small animal and equine veterinarians, I solidified my belief that our animals are not just pets, but family members. I also recognized that effective treatment and improvement of a medical or behavioral issue occurred more commonly when the needs of the whole family were evaluated and considered. 

Through my practice with people as an animal and equine assisted psychotherapist, I rekindled my desire to work directly with animals. I uncovered that along with being in tune with a client’s emotions, I was also able to sense the animal’s feelings and needs. I observed that as the client became more authentic and empowered around the horse, dog, or cat, the animal’s behavior mirrored that improvement. 

An understanding of how the animal experienced or mirrored a situation with a client not only informed how I guided the client, but also inspired me to learn more about animals’ perception and communication styles. After further research and training in interspecies communication, I developed services that focus on the well being and needs of the four-legged family members.  

Practice specialties include: cats urinating outside the litter box; dog and people aggression; lame horses; medical conditions resistant to treatment; and animals in end of life transition.

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