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Therapy Services

Jenny Key is my role-model. I’ve worked with her as my therapist and mentor since high school. She is undoubtedly one of the wisest people I’ve ever met. By that I mean that Jenny knows new ways of looking at over worn problems, knows when to break through stagnancy with her sassy humor, and she knows better than anyone how to find the light inside other people when the world feels monotonous and grey. She is a strong woman, a self-aware being, occasionally a comedian with purpose, and my guiding spirit. I am blessed to know such an old, intuitive soul and to have her witness my journey of healing.

Tyler, Boulder, Colorado

By the time I met Jenny I was done with therapists. You name it, I had been through it: cutting, suicidal ideation, treatment boarding school, coming out, adoption issues. The list goes on and on. I didn’t want to meet in an office and talk about feelings anymore. But when my parents found Jenny, things changed. She and her dog picked me up from school and we went wherever I wanted: the park for a walk, the yogurt shop, out to visit her horses, or even to look for a job. She was awesome. Sometimes I would even just sit in her car and scream and cry. She taught me things that I had never heard of before, like how to listen to my gut before reacting.

Kayla, Superior, Colorado

Jenny started working with my daughter almost eight years ago, after an extraordinarily traumatic divorce. It is difficult to fully describe the transformation that Jenny--through equine therapy and her own brand of magic--was able to foster in those first, difficult years. Today, my daughter is a happy and well-adjusted adult living a rich, vital life. And although she no longer has need to see Jenny on a regular basis, my daughter continues to seek out Jenny's wisdom and calming influence when major life issues come to the fore. Jenny-without doubt-ranks among the best therapists that I've ever encountered.

Dan Klein Boulder, Colorado

I have known Jenny Key for over 5 years during which time she worked with and helped my daughter during an extremely difficult time. Jenny is a highly talented and insightful therapist and she balances her professional approach with a deep sincerity and concern for the people she works with. She has been an immeasurable help to my daughter and our family and I recommend her without reservation.

Mike, Broomfield, Colorado

After years of sleepless nights, dreading to get out of bed each morning, and anxiety-filled days, thanks to Jenny Key and her animals, I am now happier than ever and filled with enthusiasm for life. I've worked with a number of therapists over the years and Jenny is beyond exceptional. She showed me how to go deeper, finally heal long-seated emotional wounds, and create a life I love! I now live each day empowered, strong, and courageous. Working with Jenny, the dogs, and the horses taught me to make choices true to my heart, to step into my power, and be my full, authentic self.

Jessica, T.

Animal Communication

I called Jenny at the recommendation of a friend about the urinary/kidney problems my cat, Cat, was having. In just one session the light bulb went off for me regarding the truth of Cat mirroring what was really going on in my own life, seeing his health issues as a reflection of my own 2nd chakra struggles with boundaries in all areas of my life. Jenny tapped in so respectfully to Cat and all members of the household, and was able to share her intuitive insights directly, ye t gently. Her words resonated as truth. The specific guidance Jenny offered about Cat’s diet and behaviors was right on target, but it was the perspective she shared on the deeper meaning of the problem that proved invaluable. Cat is hale and hearty now, and I never did take him back to the vet!

Sandy, Rockville, Maryland

Even though skeptical, I called Jenny to help me with my Greyhound’s severe separation anxiety, incessant barking, and destroying of the carpet. After our session, I noticed an immediate change. I could go out and she never barked again or ate the carpet. My neighbors thought that I had gotten rid of my dog!

Christina, Denver, Colorado

I'm sure that you often encounter people who are somewhat skeptical of what you do. I can't tell you how much your conversations with QuePee helped me and comforted me as I watched his health decline and his body fail. I have no doubt that there is no way you could have known several of the things that QuePee told you without him having actually told them to you. I will forever be grateful to you for the peace of mind that your work with QuePee has given me.

Randy, Denver, Colorado

Just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with the three of us! The insight that you provided for my husband, myself, and our dog to communicate has provided immediate positive results for everyone! We are so glad that we have found you and you will definitely be our source for any future communication work.

J.S. Denverr, Colorado

My horse, Cali, had been lame and acting out for a year when I sought the help of an animal communicator as my last resort. Cali had corrective shoeing, xrays, and multiple trainers try to help her. After Jenny drove out to our farm and met with both of us, my horse finally began healing. Jenny talked to me about where Cali was tensing in her body and wasn’t balanced when we were riding. She also showed me how Cali’s lameness mirrored some major themes in my life with finding balance after my mother’s death and discovering my self-worth. It only took a few weeks of doing our “homework” before I saw 100% improvement in Cali’s lameness and attitude.

Rita, Parker, Colorado
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