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Animal Communication

Animal Communication | Communication with Animals

Animal communication helps you to better understand your animal’s behaviors, feelings, and physical needs. Many clients call saying, “I know my pet is trying to tell me something, but I just don’t know what it is.” 

Veterinarians, trainers, and the average animal lover agree that dogs, cats, horses, and other pets speak their own language. They have signals and “vibes” that they use to talk to members of their own species that allows them to survive and thrive. 

Animal Communication Commonly Helps

Acute or chronic illness,  Behavior problems or changes, End of life transition, Moving, Adding a new human or animal family member, Grief when an animal that has passed on, Lost cats or dogs

*Please note that animal communication is not a social work service in which Jenny's clinical social work licensure is utilized or applicable. Her animal services are separate from her human psychotherapy services and are, therefore, not in conjunction with any state licensure. 

I can't tell you how much your conversations with QuePee helped me and comforted me as I watched his health decline and his body fail. I have no doubt that there is no way you could have known several of the things that QuePee told you without him having actually told them to you...

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