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Cats | Animal Communication with Cats

Your fickle felines mean the world to you. They have their quirks and endearing personalities that make them irresistible. But sometimes their way of expressing themselves makes your home feel like it’s been turned upside down.

Animal communication can help you understand your cat’s perception. Is she acting out? Is he in pain? Why has everything I have tried not helped? We can all agree that cats operate on their own wavelength and standard approaches to training don’t seem to work. Whether your feline friend is suffering from a medical issue or a behavioral problem, understanding how to better relate to him/her will provide relief for the entire household. Below are some common reasons to utilize this service.

*Please note that animal communication is not a social work service in which Jenny's clinical social work licensure is utilized or applicable. Her animal services are separate from her human psychotherapy services and are, therefore, not in conjunction with any state licensure. 

Medical Issues

Urinating or defecating outside the litter box 

Kidney failure 

Thyroid disease 

Allergies, skin or dietary 

Hair loss or itching 


Organ failure

Behavior Issues

Hiding or inability to socialize 

Scratching or attacking family members 

Fighting with other cats Increased meowing or vocalizing 

Difficulty traveling 

Staying outdoors for long periods 

Lost cats

...The specific guidance Jenny offered about Cat’s diet and behaviors was right on target, but it was the perspective she shared on the deeper meaning of the problem that proved invaluable...

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