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Dogs | Animal Communication with Dogs

Most people tell me that their dog actually chose them, not the other way around. I couldn’t agree more. Our dogs somehow find us in the world and then create a space in our hearts like no other. Besides loyalty, unconditional acceptance, and constant companionship, your dog provides an invaluable sensitivity to your every emotion. He/she usually knows you better than you know yourself. So when your canine suffers an illness or acting out, it affects your whole world. Animal communication can provide insight into how to strengthen your relationship and help your friend feel better.

There are many common dog behavior and medical problems in which an animal communication session is useful. If you do not see the current situation that you’re struggling with, email or call to find out how this service may be helpful for you.

*Please note that animal communication is not a social work service in which Jenny's clinical social work licensure is utilized or applicable. Her animal services are separate from her human psychotherapy services and are, therefore, not in conjunction with any state licensure. 

Medical Issues



Autoimmune disease 

Allergies, dietary or skin 

Organ failure 

Poor appetite 


Behavior Issues

Separation anxiety 


Housebreaking or crate training 

Dog or people aggression 

Leash training 

Socialization issues 

New family member 

Difficulty traveling

...The insight that you provided for my husband, myself, and our dog to communicate has provided immediate positive results for everyone ...

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