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Horses | Animal Communication with Horses

There is no love quite like the one you share with your horses. They carry you through life’s ups and downs, providing a constant source of strength, growth and exhilaration. They mirror you, reflecting back your inner most feelings. Because of them, you understand true partnership.

An animal communication session can help support and expand the relationship you have with your equine teachers. Whether things are going well and you just want to have a better understanding of each other, or whether your horses are experiencing one or more of the following problems, this service will provide insight and direction.

Medical Issues






Back soreness 

Allergies, skin, environmental, or food 

Bronchial issues

Behavior Issues


Spooking or inability to settle 

Head tossing 

Refusing jumps 

Acting out in the show arena 

Trailer difficulties 

Herd behavior 

Barn sour 

Separation anxiety

...My horse, Cali, had been lame and acting out for a year when I sought the help of an animal communicator as my last resort. Cali had corrective shoeing, xrays, and multiple trainers try to help her. After Jenny drove out to our farm and met with both of us, my horse finally began healing...

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