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Equine Therapy Introduction Webinar

Posted on 11/19/2015 by admin Key in equine therapy equine assisted psychotherapy horses

Listen to this one hour webinar to learn more about the healing power of horses and the magic of equine therapy!

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Pet Loss: How to Help Your Child Cope with Grief

Posted on 3/18/2014 by Jenny Key in pet loss child grief loss of a pet child grieving pet pet dies how to help kids with pet loss coping with pet loss coping with grief

My earliest memories center on our lively, red-haired family member, Donovan. He was the star of our summer outings, ate too much birthday cake, and made holidays chaotic. He was my constant companion and first adventure buddy. I recall vividly, despite my young age of four, when I realized that Donovan was missing. I walked into my mom’s room as she was making her bed and asked where Donovan had gone. Like most moms, she struggled with how to tell her child the beloved family dog died.

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Outside of the Box: A Holistic Approach to Managing Your Cat

Posted on 7/9/2012 by Jenny Key in urinating cats medical causes behavioral causes litter

Your fickle felines have many ways of letting you know when something isn’t right in their world. They claw at your drapes, meow–make that howl–in the middle of the night, and run from room to room with a possessed look in their eye. Perhaps the most disruptive is when they urinate outside the litter box.

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