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Equine-assisted therapy

Equine-assisted therapy | Healing with Horses

Horses offer a healing and empowering presence through unconditional love. They provide immediate feedback about your communication style, your relationship patterns, and your ability to make healthy choices. By learning how to care for, handle, and ride a horse, you or your child will gain self-confidence, clarity about maladaptive coping mechanisms, and social-emotional skills that can be easily transferred to the home, school, and work environments. Research demonstrates that EFP clients progress more quickly through treatment and see lasting long-term results. 

Click the boxes below to learn how Equine-assisted therapy works with different populations of people. 

Adolescents experience the magic of horses by opening themselves up to new challenges that boost self-esteem and teach appreciation of self and others. In face-to-face talk therapy, resistant adolescents shut down or often need a longer treatment period to feel better. Developmentally they are not ready to benefit from traditional treatment modalities, so the therapy becomes about planting seeds. Utilizing therapeutic exercises, EFP gives your child practical solutions for their problems. They are guided to discover their strengths and how to express themselves in the world.
Women seeking treatment have found that with the horses, they “finally feel like themselves.” Because women are intuitive creatures at heart, they can easily relate to a horse’s way of being. Through equine facilitated psychotherapy, you will learn how to reconnect with your feminine ability to understand your needs and determine your best course of action. You will learn ways to use your emotions as information and a form of guidance. Finally, the horses will help you to be authentic and playful, while trusting in your life’s path.
Couples and Families have valuable experiences through Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. By creating relationship with the horses, you obtain a unique perspective of your behavior and role in the partnership or family. Perhaps the most formidable tool for repairing the family system, however, is the insight and compassion you gain about your family members’ feelings and actions. The horses provide an unconditional medium that allows you to test out different ways of relating. EFP exercises are incorporated to promote trust, improved communication and confidence, and permanent change.

Jenny started working with my daughter almost eight years ago, after an extraordinarily traumatic divorce. It is difficult to fully describe the transformation that Jenny--through equine therapy and her own brand of magic--was able to foster in those first, difficult years...

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