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Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy | Mental Health for Teenagers

Some teens are in need of more than basic psychotherapy. They find it difficult to engage in an office setting and talk therapy offers only minimal relief and insight. After 15 years of working with adolescents, I have discovered that my most effective sessions were facilitated in the community. Activities that the adolescent enjoys are used as a medium to bond and promote change. Healthy recreation and life-skill building are emphasized. Most teens learn to trust and open up more quickly, and are able to apply the skills obtained to their real life situations. 

I have tailored many treatment plans to include mentoring services. I am available to pick your child up from school or home to go to the following activities. Also, there will always be a therapeutic component in our work. The therapy is happening more covertly and is not lost; but rather, enhanced because of the uniqueness of the treatment format. 

Examples of mentoring sessions include: Visiting coffee shops, hiking, walking/jogging, rock climbing, going out to eat, shopping, going to the bank (for money management skills), and more.

...she is a strong woman, a self-aware being, occasionally a comedian with purpose, and my guiding spirit. I am blessed to know such an old, intuitive soul and to have her witness my journey of healing...

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